Technological way to beat the heat with ducted air conditioning in Sydney!

For many the summer climate at Sydney can become quite unbearable. Humidity causes almost non-stop sweating as temperature regularly reaches above 35 degrees. Sitting still becomes unbearable and even clothes sticks to the body. Air conditioning is a necessity and not a luxury. Through the ducted air conditioning Sydney you get a better solution to beat the heat of the summer.

Quiet way to stay cool

Through the ducts which are housed in either ceiling or floor cavities, the ducted air conditioning pumps around a home or office. A ducted air conditioner is quieter than a split system as the heavy duty equipment which is the fans and the compressors are placed elsewhere. There are many advantages when it comes to the ducted air conditioning in Sydney.

Benefits of choosing ducted aircon in Sydney

You will find that your home benefits in several ways including the following when you use a ducted system air conditioning:

  1. Ambient temperatures are more consistent with no hot spots not even in front of windows as a room is heated and cooled more quickly with ducted air conditioning.
  2. Vents can be flush mounted for a more aesthetic look allowing better air control with multiple vents.
  3. A ducted air conditioner is often more energy efficient as there is usually one compressor. When several rooms are required to be cooled simultaneously, this type of system proves to be very efficient.
  4. All rooms can be kept at the same temperature and humidity with temperatures controlled from a single point.

Deriving the best comfort from ducted air conditioning

A ducted air conditioner works best if kept in perfect working order as will all air conditioning system. You should ensure efficiency by making sure that the air filters are clean and all electrical contacts and switches are working properly at a minimum. Fixtures should be checked for stability and ducts and units should be kept clear of debris.

It is best to have air conditioning regularly serviced by a professional while some of this work can be done as part of a regular DIY inspection.

Follow the tips on boosting the effectiveness of your air conditioning system and it also ensures you benefit from the best air conditioning solution reducing ducted air conditioning in Sydney cost:

  • Change the filters regularly
  • Make sure that there are no leaks in your system
  • Increase the temperature on your thermostat by a degree or two and set your air conditioner to “auto”.
  • Close the curtains and keep sunlight out of your home

When kept in good condition, ducted air conditioning in Sydney enables you to live life comfortably.

Energy Saving tips

According to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, energy bills never seem to fall and an average of $30 each week is spent on energy within the home and this is what is spent by the households of Queensland. The use of air conditioners is one of the most efficient methods of keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in winter. There are always ways in which you can reduce your energy bills further.

  • Ensuring your ducted aircon is properly planned

Around the size and location of your rooms and your day-to-day needs is on which a well-designed ducted air conditioning system will be based on. With smaller unit which is cheaper to run if the system is properly planned it is possible to see the same heating and cooling benefits of ducted aircons.

  • Locating air conditioning units

In places where there is access to air and is clear from obstructions units should be placed.

  • Using energy saving mode

You will save hundreds of dollar over the lifetime of a unit by setting your thermostat at the optimum temperature. You will also increase those energy savings further by finding the best balance between efficiency and comfort.

  • Maintaining the ducted units

A unit will continue to work efficiently when it is properly maintained. Replace the batteries of the remote control once a year and check outdoor units are free from debris as you need to check the filters once every 2-3 months. Also have your unit checked through the best professionals on regular basis. This will ensure that not only it runs to maximum efficiency, saving energy all the while but will also be longer lasting.

Technological way to beat the heat with ducted air conditioning in Sydney!
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