System integration made cost effective through Oracle Integration services

Do you have a goal of a connected digital enterprise? Read on..

Today every organization has a common IT goal of a connected digital enterprise, which provides better visibility of the entire business landscape. This is helped by the exponential growth in SaaS (software as a service) applications, IoT and other technologies. The promise of this deluge of meaningful data, leads to a much higher challenge of implementation of cloud-based domains, which can be both public and private. These domains are governed by many statutory and regulatory frameworks that are tough to comply. Therefore, organizations must choose technology partner, who has past experience and portfolio of handling such project. They should be able to identify the bottlenecks quickly and explain the details of each step to organization’s IT team, for better project clarity.

CIOs around the world are opting for cloud-based oracle services, to derive its huge benefits and also due to its strict adherence to security measures. However, the establishment of a cloud bridge is tough because of the advent of IoT and its interconnection with on premise devices. A good technology partner should be able to work around all the security layer and protocols during the oracle integration phrase. The most important benefit of oracle cloud integration service is its omission of writing lengthy codes and unnecessary managing large IT infrastructure including middleware. Oracle integration services give a head start, as the same possesses a preloaded adapter library, which is an extension of SaaS (software as a service). A functional consultant, just needs to execute the adapters from the library, one after the other as per the instructions. This makes the implementation process, much easier and less time consuming, saving valuable man-days. Every department in today’s dynamic organizations are connected with the help of SaaS applications. This is why integration of the same with the cloud-based domains are very important to give the much-needed flexibility and reach, in organizational operations.

Challenges of implementing Cloud Integration Services

  • Service cloud is basically a customer service solution, which is multichannel and cloud based. Therefore, there remains a need to constantly sync data from other organizational systems like the ERP or CRM. This is where a good technology partner is important, for full proof product implementation.
  • Presence of many cloud application, has made this perennial challenge more complex. It is observed that different organizational departments have a tendency to use separate application, which have very little connection with the IT department. These applications are easy to work with but have the difficulty of integration with the organizational legacy system, which can only be possible with oracle cloud services.
  • IT departments cannot handle sudden integration of multiple SaaS applications with on-premise application, which can only be possible with intuitive cloud integration, and is provided by Oracle cloud integration service.

Salient features of oracle cloud integration services

Available integration tools in the market, is just not good enough for the LOB (Line of business) users, which leads to escalation of cost and error, during attempts of integration. Even SaaS applications have very less capabilities of addressing the real-world integration challenges. A survey by Oracle has shown that more than half of today’s business applications fails to access cloud-based data, and over 54% business have missed project timeline along with cost overrun due to cloud integration hic-ups. The business landscape today is dynamic in nature, which commands the requirement of a pre-built integration suite, making the installation process agile. Oracle has “embedded recommendation” capabilities, which are miles ahead of the existing products in the market. This recommendation suite is filled with scenarios which worked perfectly for different organizations along with best practices followed. During integration, the technology partner, has to choose the right scenario from the kitty and implement the same, saving time and effort.

Oracle cloud-based integrator has the leverage of “auto association application”, which eliminates errors prone procedures with the help of its protocol bypassing capabilities. Another simple feature of this awesome product is that its kick off procedure, which makes it a preferred choice amongst others in the market. The client organization just needs to log into Oracle cloud server and purchase a tenant Id, which is organization specific. They will be provided with a secured Id and password, and unleash the pre-fed scenarios, thus making zero system downtime possible. Since Oracle Cloud service had a scaled down architecture, the same can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making it easy for multiple site installation possible in no time.

System integration made cost effective through Oracle Integration services
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