Rich Media: An Interactive Advertising Format

The concept of rich media has made the buzz in recent months in the field of digital marketing. Its appearance is due to a change in the expectations of Internet users as well as the development of available digital advertising techniques. But then, what is rich media?

Rich media, What is It?

“In its simple definition,” Rich Media “involves all types of multimedia and interactive content exploitable on the web. If the concept of rich media allowed for many years to oppose all animated content or videos to static content available on the Internet, today, the term rich media has evolved to qualify the content with high interactivity with the user.”

Thus, this term is used to refer to an online advertisement – or content offered by a brand on the web that has advanced features. It can be a video or sound, or other elements that encourage the user to interact with the proposed content.

According to ABC Net-marketing, to be considered as rich media, an advertising format must fulfill at least one of the following conditions:

  • Provide the user with an interaction that goes beyond the traditional click.
  • Use a digital signage technique.
  • Use sound or video.

What forms does Rich Media take?

In standard online advertisements, brands pass their message through words or images. Through the use of rich media ads, they can include more advanced features that generate more interaction with the user.

The following definitions and examples are taken from Google’s support site:

Expand: An expanding creative is an ad that extends beyond its original dimensions (in pixels). Expansion can occur as a result of user interaction (for example, a click or mouse cursor) or automatically when the page is loaded (automatic expansion).

Banner: This is a fixed-format creative, as well as its position on the page, whether it’s on a web page or in a mobile app. While banner ad production, banners typically contain video elements and use the download polite download technology, which waits for the web page to finish loading before loading the creative.

Drop-down or Pushdown Creation: An expanding creative that unwraps the content of a web page instead of covering it with the ad.

VPAID: The acronym VPAID stands for “Video Player-Ad Interface Definition”. A VPAID creative appears in a publisher’s in-stream video player.Such as the YouTube player and usually includes video content.

The Advantages of the Rich Media Ads Format

Rich media is very useful for brands to produce quality content. It helps to provide a better customer experience in a universe where advertising is untimely. The use of rich media ads has many benefits for the advertiser. Here are a few:

  • Rich Media Ads Generate More Engagement (or action) from Users. They are very interactive and have a real impact on those who view it. According to eMarketer, 45.32% of Internet users will watch an entire advertising video.
  • These Rich Media Advertisementserve more goals than standard ads. Internet users are more likely to act after seeing these ads.
  • These ads help to target users with the advertising format they prefer. Some segments of Internet users will prefer to see a video, others to listen to an audio format.
  • They provide access to other data about Internet users.
  • They offer more points of interaction to users. Instead of a single button to click, users will have more opportunities to interact with rich media advertising.

In general, the use of rich media in online advertising is very interesting. It makes it possible to propose an ever more relevant message to Internet users. Engagement goals can be more easily achieved while the brand leaves a bigger mark in the target’s mind.

The Disadvantages of Rich Media

However, be careful not to use this format at all costs. Indeed, it also generates some significant constraints.

In particular, it represents large files that increase the loading time and sometimes reduce the quality of the user experience. These files are sometimes incompatible with the equipment of Internet users. Rich media ads can also be perceived as intrusive or intrusive depending on the animations chosen.

Finally, it requires a larger budget and control of the various tools from the advertiser. Rich media advertising must be powerful without becoming too complicated or too annoying for the user.

Mobile Rich Media, what is It?

The use of rich media is particularly interesting on mobile. Indeed, each of us spends more and more time on his mobile. Technologies are also becoming more efficient. This represents a significant opportunity for advertisers. Especially as mobile users are reluctant to interact with traditional advertising.

As on the computer, the enriched media offered on mobile respects the user since it does not disturb its navigation. In fact, it is really thought to be included in the course of the mobile, to generate interaction. No to disturb him too much.

Via mobile, advertisers can effectively offer advertising videos, image galleries, share buttons to social networks, Google Maps or call buttons.

Finally, if we do comparison Rich Media ads vs Flash Ads, rich media ads are now best way to deliver relevant and interesting content to users. It allows both to fulfill the goals of brand awareness and performance. While offering a clear and precise message.

Rich Media: An Interactive Advertising Format
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