Logo Branding Ideas you need to Implement Right Now

A logo is the important feature of your visual brand identity and getting it right is imperative. A lot of time and hard work goes into designing a logo that not only suits all your business needs but is bold, catchy and yet simple.  So, if you have a logo then your business is ready to start and bloom.

Most people use a logo for their visiting cards or letterheads etc. but doesn’t use it on other brand assets which they should as all these assets in one way or another has interaction with the users, and if your company design is placed on them, clients will surely remember and recognize your business.

So here are some ideas for company design branding that you need to implement right now:

  1. On your website

A website is necessary to promote your brand and make more clients for your business. So it’s imperative to show your logo on the website, the placement of the logo is done by knowing which platform you use to make the site. The two best places to put a logo are the header on the top left or favicon which is the small icon next to your address bar/title in the browser.

  1. On Merchandise

You can get a range of your business merchandise in various clothes and place your logo on that. This is a great way to advertise the brand and business through word of mouth and get real interaction with the consumers. But always make sure of the color, placement, size, and quality of the cloth before printing it. You can either get it printed from the local market or an online store that provides these services.

  1. In the email

Every time you send a message to the clients/customer through your email, they will see your company design and will be reminded of your brand. Thus, adding a company design to the email is a good thing. You can easily Google how to add a logo to your business account.

  1. On the business cards

A business card is the most personal and key marketing tool that you have. So having a logo on it makes perfect sense. People keep these in their wallets/pocket, and every time they will take it out they will be reminded of your brand.

Try out various designs on horizontal/vertical sheets of paper with logo and other details and the one that makes you happy should be bulked print.

  1. On social media channels

After you finalize your company design, put that up on the social media handles you have. It will work as a great profile pic and will promote your brand too. The size will vary so make sure that you keep that in mind.

  1. On stickers and labels

You can print your company design on stickers and labels and hand it out an event or stick on your cloth or laptops; this is a form of portable promotion.

  1. On letterheads, envelopes, invoices and receipts

Letterhead is used for important message delivery and thus using a logo on it, and its envelope will build trust with clients and make you seem legitimate.

Same goes for consumers, to build a relationship with them and have a lasting impression make sure all your invoices and receipts have a design. This also helps them to trust that they are dealing with the real thing.

  1. On images and presentation

If you are on social media sites and upload photos or videos to engage people, watermark your logo using Adobe Illustrator or any other software.

Also, any presentation that you make for meeting with clients and employees should have your company design watermark on every page.

  1. On packaging

If you run e-commerce business, than put your logo on the packaging. This is a great opportunity to create a brand identity.

  1. On other assets

Some other tools that will help your visual identity if you put logo on them are:

  • Brochures and postcards
  • Office supplies
  • Decals for vehicle or walls

These are some of the unique ways in which you can show the world your company design. Also, while deciding the best asset to show it, choose the one that goes with the product and services your business offers. Canva’s logo maker can help you with amazing ready-to-use templates. But whatever you choose, make sure your logo is an eye-catching one and conveys your core message.

Logo Branding Ideas you need to Implement Right Now
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