Leaving the Fraud Out of an Ecommerce Website

Introduction: Setting up an ecommerce web site takes a lot of effort especially when it is done from scratch. First, you need to go through all the effort in creating a good design for your website and then start coding it, making sure that the design is achieved and at the same time make sure that it is secure enough to prevent any exploits. Then you need to find a good web hosting provider that can fulfill your bandwidth, storage, and other server requirements in order for your e-commerce site to be running smoothly even during heavy traffic sessions. This web hosting provider must also be trusted and safe to further protect your content and code. Domain registration also takes place in this step to make the website easily accessible by real consumers and the domain itself will serve as a major component in making the website visible on the web and for marketing purposes.

After all of these steps are completed and your e-commerce web site is fully tested, you should be able to open up your website to the public with confidence as your small business finally gets connected to people on the web. However, this doesn’t really mean that your e-commerce web site is fully safe. As a webmaster, you still need to handle your website and its visitors with care to combat the most concerning issue – [credit card fraud]. This is something that the web hosting cannot deal with so you need to apply these tricks to completely leave any fraud out of your ecommerce web site.

Have a Verification Number Field

Adding a verification number field only requires some small coding to the e-commerce part of the website, but it will aid greatly in fighting [credit card fraud]. It is very essential to request people to enter this number as it eliminates the instances where people that steal credit card data from others through unconventional methods that can then use the data. Customers know that this 3-digit number is found on the back of the card so make sure the shopping cart script that you have includes this feature.

Obtain an Address Confirmation System

An Address Confirmation System or AVS may not be a complete security solution, but it will add an extra layer of security against [credit card fraud]. It works by obtaining the zip code of the current card holder and then relating it with the data entered on the site. People can still bypass this layer if the thief has the [billing address] so make sure it is combined with other methods below too.

Take a Closer Look at the Addresses


The AVS won’t serve as a reliable protection layer if the thief has the [billing address]. But usually, thieves that enter the [billing address] would normally supply a different shipping address so they can receive the item. This could be an early warning sign of a fraudulent order, but look at the other parts of the form as well just to make sure. The e-mail address may provide a lead as well since thieves have the habit of using an e-mail address obtained from a free web account since orders usually have e-mail confirmation. The only exception is if a person will order and ship it to another address as a gift so it is even safer to do the task below.

Get Confirmation from the Customer

It is normal to encounter some transactions that look suspicious and that should prompt you immediately to reach out to the customer by any means of communication just to confirm the order. Use the data supplied by the customer and make sure that the source is really genuine. It is a good habit to get into this not only for security purposes on your web hosting side, but also to keep customers happy which can grow into more trusted relationships where people will be doing business on your ecommerce site in the future.

If ever you are still in doubt, you can always contact other fraud protection services or possibly even your web hosting provider if you got a special e-commerce package. These services may cost some extra money for use, but it is well worth it if it means keeping your ecommerce site completely safe from [credit card fraud].

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Leaving the Fraud Out of an Ecommerce Website
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