How to Logout from Gmail from any Android Device

How to Logout from Gmail from any Android Device

We are going to give you a step by step guide on how you can remove the Google / Gmail account on any of the android device.

My experience: I also use an android device for daily usage. Months back, i asked someone to log me in the Google account for me as i did not know how to. Now a few days back i wanted to log out as i bought a new device for daily usage, but i could not find the right option, the device is sometimes too complicated that you are not able to find a simple option. I searched on web for this purpose but found nothing as there were no articles about it. Somehow i managed to log out with the help of a friend, i called him and he was guiding me on the phone. In this whole procedure, i thought if i were not able to find the option, many of the users would have the same difficulty finding it.

So this article is being written for the same purpose that you guys can remove the Gmail account without any difficulty.

WARNING: Make sure that nothing is updating, because if the Google play store is updating an application, it will be stopped in between and the application can give error while you try to run afterwards as the account which was running on the play store will be logged out by yourself afterwards.

Steps to Remove Google / Gmail Account from Android

1: Turn your device on.

2: Go to Menu Bar.

3: Search or settings and click to open the settings.

4: Search for ”accounts”, in many of the smartphones, accounts will be right above the keyboard settings. If you have applied a launcher or theme, then search for the accounts in settings.

5: When found, click on accounts to open the option.

6: When in accounts, tap on Google. It will open the Google settings.

7: Click on ”remove account” and it will remove the account in your device.


This process will remove all the Google associated things with the account, you may have backups installed in your Google account, and they will be removed too. Make sure that you have another Gmail account added in your smartphone because if you remove the only one that is added you will have to make a new one for further use.

While this process is pretty easy but still, many people cannot find the accounts option or do not know how to do it. In this case, just read the steps written above and you will be able to change the accounts, like if you want to add a new or remove the old one.

If you have any type of questions about this article or about the steps, then leave a comment below and we will try to reply as soon as possible.

How to Logout from Gmail from any Android Device
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