How to Download Music from YouTube to MP3

We have already considered all possible ways how to download a video from YouTube to the phone. In general, such instructions are full of the Internet. As for downloading mp3 music from video hosting – the topic is less fully disclosed. Therefore, I will share several ways of extracting audio and show “on the fingers” how to download music from Youtube. We will consider not only software for downloading music, audio files from Youtube but also Vkontakte, Vimeo, RuTube (and other popular services). It’s up to you – which of the download methods is the fastest and most convenient.

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List of applications and services that will help you download music from YouTube:

  1. Clip Converter
  2. Videoder
  3. net
  4. Ummy Video Downloader
  5. ClipGrab
  6. Gihosoft TubeGet
  7. Tubemate
  8. Clip Converter – download music from YouTube, converting to m4a, mp3, aac on the fly

With the help of the online Clip Converter service, you can download any video to your phone or computer in one of the convenient audio formats: m4a, mp3, aac.

There are three convenient chips that distinguish Clip Converter from others:

  • Saving ID3 v2 tags mp3 (for the correct display in the playlist of the audio player)
  • Clip the clip (or audio track) to the specified length. For example, if you only want to download a music clip, you specify the beginning and end.
  • Converting video to audio in real time, you can download mp3 from youtube without the need to download video and further converting

In general, quite a convenient service for downloading video and music content. It does not need to be installed on a computer or phone, all functions of the loader work in online mode, as well as conversion to the selected format.

How to download music from YouTube using Clip Converter

  • In the Video URL to Download: field, paste the link to the video (by copying it into the address bar of the browser). Click Continue
  • Conversion Format: choose mp3, aac or m4a
  • Press Start to download the sound from YouTube. The process of converting video to audio may take several minutes.
  1. Videoder – free download music from online services

We mentioned the Video Player and even made a step-by-step instruction on how to use this mobile application. Its feature is excellent functionality with full free of charge.

Videoder positions itself as a program for downloading music to Android, the manager of audio and video downloads. For audio downloading the only format is MP3. In most cases, this will be enough for listening to the downloaded track on the music player. Of course, the Clip Converter mentioned above is somewhat more interesting as a converter, at the same time, the Video Viewer has a number of distinctive features.

We list them:

  • Multiboot files. In batch mode it is much more convenient to download audio from Youtube directly to a mobile device or PC, there is no need to repeat the same actions indefinitely, setting the same settings.
  • The presence of an integrated browser. What does it mean? If you want to select music for further downloading, you do not need to jump between applications, launch a browser for navigation on Youtube, VKontakte, and so on. All this is already available in the Video.
  • Broad support for video and music services, with which the Video Player works and allows you to download music tracks from there
  • Finally, in the application, there is no advertising, which is so annoying in similar “music rockers”.
  1. Service is a monster among music downloader is a mega popular service in Russian, an analog of the Video Server that supports downloading music to iOS devices, Android, and a computer. This popularity is well-deserved, as Savefrom won the competition from many western sites that offer the same functions, but under a different sauce. A separate bun, on top of the Russian language, – the availability of detailed information and technical support Savefrom in the form of a forum and a selection of answers to frequently asked questions.

Among the audio services on which you can download music, you can distinguish the following: Youtube, VKontakte, Dailymotion, Vimeo, LiveJournal, First Channel, Yandex and dozens of other sites that host video or audio files.

The service is very convenient because the user has a choice of the method of loading:

Download directly from the website Savefrom

  • Download directly from the website Savefrom
  • Custom tools, such as browser extensions and booklets
  • Fast download by substitution in the URL of the source of the domain (and other variants), use of fast domains. By the way, the service ss YouTube at one time enjoyed great popularity.

Soon we will make a detailed review of all the functions of the site Savefrom (also known as ss YouTube), also telling you how to download audio from YouTube or Vkontakte music on a disk or a phone card.

How to download from YouTube music using Savefrom

  • We go to the service page
  • We paste into the text field YouTube-link to the video or music track
  • After clicking on the button to the right of the field for entering the link, the download options will appear.
  • Choose the option HD or MP3, if you want to download music from YouTube.
  • Further mp3 downloads are performed using the Ummy Video Downloader add-on (see below)
  1. Ummy Video Downloader – a simple application for downloading music on Mac OS

Ummy Video Downloader is an application for downloading music to your computer (Windows / Mac OS X). Like other download managers for PC, it can save both movies for Android and music files. As already noted, the Ummy Video Downloader application is installed on MacOS without any problems. The size of the installer is slightly less than 30 MB.

Audio files in mp3 format, downloaded from Youtube, have the maximum bitrate – the corresponding restriction is relevant for YouTube. In principle, there is nothing more to say about this application – neither good nor bad. Ummy will help to download audio from youtube music without questions – and what else is required of this software?

  1. Manager Clip Grab – download MP3, WMV, OGG files from Youtube

Clip Grab – program – a nice multi-platform application for downloading music files to Android and videos from popular services, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and others.

Download and install Clip Grab can be on the following platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. After installation on the computer, you get at your disposal a convenient friendly shell for downloading music. Unfortunately, Clip Grab does not have a mobile version, and to download mp3 files to the phone you will need to download the files on the computer first, and then move to the Android or iPad (where, by the way, Apple does not allow the use of such applications).

In addition to MPEG4 video files, Clip Grab allows you to download audio from youtube in one of the following formats:

  • MP3 is the most popular audio format,
  • WMV – (Windows Media Movie) for quality this music format is not inferior to MP3, but most of all are optimal for Windows OS, while on other platforms there may be problems with playing the downloaded audio track in this format
  • OGG (Vorbis or Theora) – another popular music storage format, with an open license, is now played on most players and OS without problems

In general, one of the most worthy programs for downloading music for Android and other mobile and desktop platforms. As they say, the spool is small and expensive!

  1. Gihosoft TubeGet – program for downloading audio from Youtube

Gihosoft TubeGet works not only as a program for downloading videos to YouTube. It will also serve as a free YouTube to MP3 converter for online music lovers. Using TubeGet, you can directly extract and download MP3-files from YouTube and other video sites, without spending traffic on downloading videos.

You can download from YouTube up to 5 mp3-files at the same time and restore unsuccessful downloads when the download is broken. If the Internet connection is slow, you can limit the download speed to 4 Mbps, 2 Mbps, 200 Kbps, etc.

You can download Youtube to mp3 using Gihosoft TubeGet in 3 steps:

  • Copy and paste the URL of the desired movie into the program window;
  • In the Choose Quality box, specify the Youtube to mp3 option
  • Download music from youtube to your computer by clicking the Download button.

Therefore, you can download audio from YouTube, as well as a video file (in the second case, you must select the quality and resolution of the video).

  1. Tubemate – Android-application for downloading music from YouTube to phone

Tubemate is a convenient and free shell for viewing videos on social services. But this, of course, is not limited to the case. This mobile application allows you to download videos directly to your phone, as well as download audio from YouTube in mp3 format with specified quality.

In order to download music from YouTube to mp3, you need to open the desired video in the Tubemate mini-browser, then, in fact, select the audio format for downloading. However, you cannot do this without the MP3 Video Converter. You can download it separately from Google Play on the Tubemate developer page.

The solid plus of the Tubemate application is that you can download music from both YouTube and other services like Vimeo, Facebook, Google and so on.

Summary: We reviewed applications and services that convert video from YouTube to mp3. In the following articles, perhaps I will explain in a step-by-step guide on how to download music from YouTube is applicable to one of the participants considered.  For downloading latest versions of androids apps and apk go to website.

How to Download Music from YouTube to MP3
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