Differences Between Web Design and Web Development

Businesses need web development as well as web designing companies and that is why website development company NYC are so much in demand. Actually, both the terms are used interchangeably to signify ‘web companies’ but there is much difference between the way they function. The two terms have fundamentally different aspects regarding the website building process.

Website design and development companies require two unique skill sets for web designing and development and therefore, the differences must be known for a better understanding. Here we try to differentiate between the two.

  • Web Designing versus Web Development in Brief – Web design company NYC usually teaches to make use of design programs like Adobe photoshop for making the visual elements and layout of a website. They are more concerned with the aesthetic feel of a website together with its usability. On the other hand, a website development company NYC takes website designs and tries to make a working website from it. web developers basically work in programming languages like HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc. so that design files can be brought to life.
  • A Closer Look at web Designing – A web design company NYC first tries to understand the client’s objective and then creates an Information Architecture (IA) so that the designing process can be rolled out. Thereafter, wireframes are created for moving to the next designing phase. Many types of basic design principles may be used by them to create a design that looks good as well as offers sufficient usability features. Some of the design principles are as follows.
  • Balance – All website development company NYC use some parlance like light (lighter and small colors) and heavy (dark and large colors) elements. Therefore, it is important to strike a proper balance between the two.
  • Contrast – Contrasting colors are those that are placed at exactly opposite to each other on the color wheel. A website design and development company usually tries to use contrasting shapes, textures and sizes to attract attention towards certain portions of a website.
  • Emphasis – It is somewhat a part of Contrast. It is a designing principle using which certain important elements of a website is ‘highlighted’ so that users can readily reckon to that portion of the site without any problem. The IA of a website design and development company can be accessed for understanding it better.
  • Consistency – It is also known as rhythm or repetition and is responsible for providing a constant and clean navigation on a website so that users can have a memorable experience of the website.
  • Unity – It is the relationship between the different components of the website layout and the complete formation. It tries to delve into how the brain organizes information into categories.
  • A closer look at Web Development – The best web development company usually utilizes static layouts to create dynamic websites using content sliders and images, active states for buttons and links, etc. They try to break a website into its components and then use HTML or PHP to develop the different web pages. A Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress may also be used for clients for easy maintenance and effective development.

These are some of the differences between web design and web development and these must be understood for differentiating between them.

Differences Between Web Design and Web Development
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