CCNA Vs CCNP: Who Wins the Showdown?

Cisco certification is the most sought-after certification in the IT industry. Considering the competitive global market, earning this certification helps candidates have a successful career.

Over the years, Cisco pioneered networking and switching. Additionally, computer networking is growing fast and many students are opting for Cisco Certification, Bangalore, Delhi and other metro cities in order to add a mileage to their CVs.

However, amongst a lot many students,confusion reigns regarding different certification programmes offered by Cisco. And learners often fall all of a doodah choosing between the two most popular certification courses: CCNA and CCNP.

Therefore, here’s a breakdown regarding the two courses to ease the dilemma for choosing the perfect certification.

First, get started with CCNA:

CCNA routing and switching certification has become the most popular course in India to get a successful career in networking. It focuses on operating and organizing medium levelled routers and switches.

Apart from this, CCNA certification also helps students gain knowledge about verification followed by implementation of various connections using WAN (Wide Area Network).

So, before delving into its advantages, here’s a brief overview of the factors CCNA emphasises on:

  • Conducting of IP addressing
  • Designing of LAN and WAN
  • Knowledge on VLAN and WLAN
  • Network security and management
  • Information regarding OSL models


  1. With CCNA certification, students definitely have limitless growth in their IT career. According to a survey, it is seen, 8 out of 10 companies consider the CCNA certified employees while recruiting or promoting.
  2. There is no denial to the fact that CCNA certification helps to earn a self-recognition in the huge pool of other professionals. As this course is meant for both students and experienced professionals, people get an added dimension to their job profile.

Now comes CCNP:

CCNP is the professional level Cisco certification which puts emphasis on advanced networking technologies. The subject matter of CCNP programme mainly focuses on:

  • Designing and developing troubleshoot and LAN.
  • Developing an apt connection with network engineers and specialists.
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)


  1. This course imparts beautiful amalgamation of three vital elements namely switch, route and tshoot, giving the course pursuers a secret key to success.
  2. With skilled recognition, this certification directly impacts on employee’s salary. According to sources, CCNP certified professionals are earning 9% more than those employed at the same designation without certifications.


Well, it is evident that both of the courses have their own sets of benefits. However, one can have the best bet in one’s career if one goes for CCNA followed by CCNP.

Takeaway message:

To earn a Cisco certification, one simply needs to enrol at a training centre to get a formal training. Reputable institutions in Pune own state-of-the-art infrastructure in the labs with skilled lab instructors. Many training centres also give their students the benefit of accessing the CISCO lab 24×7 with hands-on training.

CCNA Vs CCNP: Who Wins the Showdown?
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