Business Logo Designing – What’s the cost of a business logo?

Your low-end and mid-end options for a professional business Logo!

Many business owners tend to neglect the important of a business logo. For them, it is just another marketing tool. However, what they often neglect is that a business logo isn’t just another marketing tool, rather it carries the essence of their business model. It isn’t just a marketing tool, but the business symbol itself that will be used across all marketing material. In fact, if you look at the most successful businesses, you would see that the marketing campaigns of largest businesses revolve around their business logo.

Now, with so much at stake, most startups and small businesses find themselves concerned

about the cost of a high-end business logo, as they wonder:

What’s the cost of a business logo?

Interestingly, there is no standard cost for a business logo and it can range anywhere between $ 0 (yes, that’s zero dollar) to thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. However, since we are talking about startups and small businesses, the estimate value for a decent and professional business logo might stand anywhere $ 200 to $ 1000.

Here’s your choices of getting a business logo done within low to mid-price ranges. We won’t be touching the high-end options as that’s useless for startups and small businesses:

Low Cost Business Logos:

Estimated Range: $0 – $300

Here’s the deal, if you aren’t interested in spending a penny of your business logo (which is strictly not recommended for people who aren’t professional designers) than you can simply undertake a DIY project. You can find tons of free logo designing software easily available over the internet, which you can use to generate logo in no time. Now, I don’t feel like giving reasons why you shouldn’t embark upon this route, unless you really aren’t interested in creating a value for your business.

Another option in this category is to hire services of freelance designers. There are plenty of freelance websites where you will find freelancers ready to deliver you a decent design for $50 to $300. Thee might not be the most aesthetic of designs, nonetheless, they surely perform better than free logo generator tools.

Midrange Business Logos:

Estimate Range: $300 – $2000

Ok, so if you have few hundred bucks to spare, you can aim for a more professional and characteristic logo design. Here you have two routes to take: Freelancer or logo design companies

Since we have already covered the freelance part, we’ll just move on with the logo design companies’ part.

Finding a decent logo design company in USA won’t be much of a problem for you. However, choosing the right company will require thorough understanding of working principals and expertise of the business. The biggest benefit of working with a professional logo design company in the USA will be the multi-disciplinary approach employed by them. A professional agency won’t be working as a standalone expert, and they will have various designers, each with its own strength and experience. Thereby, they are better suited to understand the needs of specific business and come up with a design that truly resonates with the business model.

Business Logo Designing – What’s the cost of a business logo?
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