Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Animation

Animation is tough but you can make it easy within no time. Everything that’s too tricky has some secrets that can help users or creators to crack it down. You can learn those secrets here. The tips mentioned in this article are tested and tried to ensure 100% effectiveness.

Before you proceed, you must know the value of motion graphics. Animation has been in the industry since the time you barely was existed. You ancestors use to show subtle movements by making cave drawings. That shows the likeness towards motion. With animation, you achieve a lot of outcomes and as it has paved its way into the branding industry, it has opened opportune for the creators to experiment with different techniques and methods. However, to excel in any profession, you first have to understand the basic and arm yourself with fundamental skills. So, to learn the animation from its core get down to the guide mentioned below:

1.     Effectiveness

The charm of video animations is to have a sense of effectiveness. A video can be effective only if it is laid on a prospering ground and it has an aim to achieve. You need to give your video a purpose to serve and a goal to achieve. Without offering a purpose, you cannot do anything with your animated video. Your actions, techniques and everything will revolve around that one purpose you have planned to achieve.

2.     Characterization

Secondly, you need to work on the characterization of your animated video. You must pick the right personality for the right sort of character. Do not over complicate yourself by making too tricky animations. Often, animators add intricate cuts, sizes and efforts to draw a huge and bulgy character when they could have gone for a small and more interesting figure. So, do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good and do justice with your creation.

It’s best to pick the basic model at the beginning of your animation career. It will save your time and will let you enhance your skills easily. Moreover, you can do one more thing, keep your characters minimal, it will take fewer efforts to put in characterization and you can divert your attention to other areas of your video.

3.     Phycology of Movement

You have to learn the phycology behind the movements of your characters. You must know which character should move in which manner. If your character is heavy and the other one is of lighter weight then no matter how much exaggeration you have planned to add, you cannot let the heavier move faster than the lighter one. You must keep a proper balance between the movements of your characters. You must base your work on the scientific grounds. Though it’s all about imagination, even in imagination, practicality should not be ignored.

4.     Real World Reference

The next big thing you can do is to seek out real-world references. You can film yourself and note your own actions. This will help you in adding detailing in your characters. Your character must be able to make the right gestures and movements. From the wrinkles of its face to the curve in the belly, everything must be based on realism. You should ponder as to how you move or respond over certain situations. You need to understand as to how you make small and big gestures. All of it matters a lot in animation.

5.     Appropriateness

The last and the most important thing to note in an animated video is appropriateness. Your work must be on point. It must have a uniformity maintained throughout the video. From the right spacing of characters to the synchronizing of voice-overs, the selection of color theme to keeping an appeal in the characters, if your video lacks appropriateness, your efforts will go down the drain. You must ponder on the company you are making the video for and intact its brand values. If it’s not for promotional purpose then keep a check on the preferences of the target audience. You must be able to captivate and entice your viewers if you want to generate the most out of your animation.

Wrapping Up

These were some productive and interesting tips that can help you produce successful video animations for your brand and for the target audience.

Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Animation
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