All about the Art of Rebranding

Many brands breathed in the wild shores of competition in the digital landscape. Some lasted for years while others take on the tip to rebrand themselves. The big names like Uber- the private cab agency recently showed some prominent changes in their logo and branding strategies to get on the struggle to mark their presence in the online world.

Through rebranding, you revise your strategies and tactics to reach a new set of goals with a refined approach. Many brands entered into the fold of marketing having feeble aims and uncertain direction. They after studying the market and its rapidly changing trends get evolved and introduced many new changes in their manner of doing business.

Rebranding does not mean to change or improvise the entire business foundation. It simply means to either change a couple of existing parts or to work on a broad scale operation. Some of the major areas and situations that are involved in rebranding are listed as follows:

  • You vision
  • Measures to improve your online reputation
  • Plan to engage to a new demographics
  • If you have merged with other company
  • In case of a new marketing manager with a new set of instructions and directions

Once you get the glimpse of rebranding let’s to learn about its short process:

Step 1 – Introspection

The first thing to perform is Introspection which involves some basic questions to discover.

  • What is your aim?
  • How close you are to your goals?
  • What measures to plan?
  • Duration to achieve goals?

Before you jump on introducing your new strategies, you have to know the present status of your campaign. You must realize what your previous goals were and what went wrong. You should identify the loopholes of your campaigns so that you do not leave them unattended this time.

Step 2 – Market Research

The second most imperative step involves in-depth market research. You need to get closer to your target audience and learn about their preferences. Whether it’s about getting a logo from a creative logo designers Dubai or planning an entire marketing strategy you need to get a broad vision about your customers.  Learn about the target demographics and the techniques that can create an emotional connection with the customers thereby creating the need to have your product.

Step 3 – Sketch a Strategy to Picture Yourself as Unique

Being unique is imperative if you want to create progressive outcomes. You have to show yourself as the sole producer of such a high-quality product or as one of the best ones. You have to present your products in a way that it appeals customers and develops an urge to get them in any way. It’s important to create a need among your customers and to guide them as to why to have your services or products and what difference can your things will make in their day to day life.

Step 4 – Redesign Your Brand’s Touchpoints

You need to make a broad list of all the touchpoints of your branding to enhance the interaction of customers. Among the prominent things blogs, websites, flyers, brochures, leaflets, and posters are the common ones. You need to redesign your packaging design and consult professionals to do the job so that you redesign and asset can become appealing enough to captivate the attention of customers.

Step 5 – Seek Inspiration

It’s always good ad fruitful to seek inspiration from brands which are already making revenues in the same market. You can learn from their tactics and then compare them with your strategy. You must know you are not going in the wrong direction. It’s great to be different but it’s equally bad to be mistaken but remain in denial. So, look closely and observe your every action.

Step 6 – Get the Feedback

Once you take your brand to public never forget to gather feedback. You must know what others think about your brand and the new approach you have adopted. The feedback will let you know about the areas that need a bit more of a touch-up and the concepts that are doing good. So, on the whole, you get a better exposure to the market.

Wrapping Up

Follow the tips and techniques and make the most out of the latest trends to roll revenues.

All about the Art of Rebranding
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