8 Simple Steps to Write an Essay

Are not you flamboyant enough to write a good essay?

Essay writing is not a very complicated task, still some students take stress for writing an essay. Students had better pursue a certain pattern to complete their essays with perfection and on time. Here is how students should approach their essay writing tasks:

  1. Do You Have the Freedom to Select an Essay Topic?If the topic is not assigned to you, then it means that you have the freedom to choose an essay topic. Whatever topic you select, make sure you select a topic that is interesting for your readers.
  1. Coming Up With Ideas: Brainstorming is the best way to come up with new ideas for an essay. You will need a pen and paper to write down ideas that come to your mind through brainstorming. You should discard irrelevant ideas that come to your mind through brainstorming.
  1. Making an Outline: You will need to come up with an essay outline to make up your mind how you will approach an essay. In an essay outline, you will need to allocate a time period to different sections of your essay. You should write down the main points and sub points of your essay in an essay outline.
  1. Conducting Research: You should do primary, as well a secondary research to accumulate reliable piece of information for your essay. Data collection method that you will be utilizing for your essay may include focus groups, one-to-one interviews, telephonic interviews, surveys, and ethnic observation.
  1. The Introduction: Introduction is the first part of essay writing. It is your first chance to impress your readers, and to attract the readers with your essay, you will need an attention grabber. Background information and thesis comes next to attention grabber in students’ essays.
  1. The Main Body: The main body will require you to describe the points that you have mentioned in your introduction in details. Topic sentences, supporting sentences, and evidences or reasons or examples are parts of an essay body. You will also need to utilize transition sentences in your essay body to ensure that your essay is in a flow.
  1. Conclusion: The conclusion is the last part of an essay, and it is equally important as the introduction. You will need to summarize your findings in the conclusion. You also need to restate your thesis statement in the conclusion of an essay by making readers agree with your viewpoint.
  1. Proofreading: Have you finished writing an essay? If yes, then you need to proofread your essay to make your essay error-free. You should try your best to eliminate grammatical errors and spelling mistakes from your essay. You can also take help of a peer to get your essay proofread successfully.

Do you still think that essay writing is an arduous task? You should now wait no longer to write an essay. So, grab a pen and paper, and start writing an essay i.e. assigned to you by your course instructor.

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8 Simple Steps to Write an Essay
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