7 Major SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided In 2019

The new year is here and it is essential that you do not repeat major SEO mistakes to ensure improved visibility of your interface. Search engine optimization is a constant process requiring professionals to finetune their efforts regularly. Search engines, especially Google keep modifying their process of finalizing search results which forces website owners to change their strategy accordingly. However, most interfaces suffer because of some common mistakes being committed by the SEO team. A Canadian business hired an agency for website building and search engine optimization in Vancouver hoping to improve its visibility in the virtual world. The firm was not experienced in the area and the errors it committed cost the business dearly. Let’s take a look at the mistakes which hamper effective SEO.

1. Not Investing In Quality Content

The biggest mistake that most people commit is not investing in useful and relevant content. They use online tools to reword existing content lifted from somewhere or write generic material for their website. Search engines want to provide helpful results to their users and they are refining their algorithms to spot plagiarized or low- quality material. Having such content on your interface will only lead to its downgrade and low positions in relevant search results.

2. Not Fixing Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content means the same material appearing in more than one URLs within the same or different website. It can occur because of various reasons ranging from improperly-created URLs to owners wilfully creating multiple pages targeting the same terms in the hope of better search rankings. This confuses the search engines which leads them to index the wrong page. Owners must delete the duplicate page version of the original content and use canonical URLs to point out the correct page to search bots.

3. Not Fixing Broken Pages With Backlinks

A common problem, especially with large interfaces, is the existence of broken pages with backlinks. Google does not like such pages as it feels that it was made to waste valuable time and resources in exploring a page with no useful material. The presence of internal as well as external broken links can be detrimental for the SEO of our interface must be fixed at the earliest.

4. Having An Inefficient Site Structure

The firm hired for web development in Vancouver by the Canadian business did not keep in mind the SEO considerations while building its site structure. The link juice flows from high authority pages to low. The home page of an interface has the most authority and the farther an associated page is from it, the lesser the authority which will be passed. An efficient structure ensures that any related content is accessed in not more than three clicks. This principle was not used by the Candian agency which harmed the prospects of the website it created.

5. Uploading Images Without Resizing And Optimizing

One of the major SEO mistakes committed by many website owners is uploading images on their interface without proper planning. Everyone wants to enhance the visual appeal of their websites with images but forget that pictures with large file size can add to the page loading time. Search engines, as well as visitors, dislike slow-loading interfaces. It is essential that all images be resized and optimized before being uploaded on a website.

6. Not Optimizing The Website For Local Searches

The increased usage of mobile phones for accessing the internet has led to a rise in local searches. A large number of users are looking for solutions in their geographical locations. Businesses which do not optimize their interfaces for local searches lose out on a valuable opportunity to increase their revenue. They must ensure that the NAP i.e Name, Address, and Phone Number of their organization is consistent across all the virtual avenues like their website, business listings, social networks etc.

7. Not Using Analytics Tools

As mentioned earlier, SEO is a continuous effort which needs to be modified constantly. The best way to assess the effectiveness of your SEO efforts is by using analytics tools. These solutions help assess the performance of the interface as well as the applied optimization techniques. The statistics generated by these tools help in understanding whether a strategy is producing results or not. People who are still not using these solutions are losing out on an effective way to evaluate the effectiveness of their content and other associated strategies.


Search engine optimization is essential for improving the visibility of an interface but it requires the application of well-planned techniques. People looking to get prominent ranks for their interfaces must avoid the above-mentioned major SEO mistakes to improve the productivity of their efforts.

7 Major SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided In 2019
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