7 Essential WordPress Plugin for Every Blogger

As it is a known fact, around 24% of web is no doubt, powered by WordPress these days. So, the most common goal is to turn that 24% into 50% shortly, proving that WordPress is quite in rage these days. So, if you are in the field of blogging, you better get started with the best plugins designed for the bloggers purposely. More people, currently, are looking for ways to start a blog. So, they are in need of a more functional site with WP, as more people are looking for ways to handle essentials well. You have no other option but to delve right into WordPress Plugin for Blogger for the best approach over here.

1.     Akismet:

This plugin is something that most of the bloggers have a soft corner for. Spam is quite irritating, especially when those unwanted junk mails jam pack your inbox. Moreover, spam comments are mostly irritating of them all! In case you are trying to save some precious time, you better head towards Akismet plugin from WordPress.

  • This is a blogging based plugin, which helps in staving off comment spams.
  • It further has the ability to delete all sorts of junk comments so that you don’t have to see those comments ever again.


2.     Wordfence:

If you are looking for a basic form of security plugin option, Wordfence is the one for you to try out. It helps in adding that extra bit of protective layer by just locking out people, willing to hack ways into website. It can further block the IP addresses of the bots, all set to access the site. You have the right to even customize the email alerts as sent to your site if anything suspicious enough takes place. You can further procure a premium version of this service, providing you with access to support if you are in need of any.


3.     Google XML Sitemaps:

Even after doing everything in your hand for optimizing posts for SEO, sometimes your site might possess the biggest reason behind your lower ranking. The only solution in this regard is the sitemap. It is noted as one of the top-most plugin option from WordPress for providing site exactly what it needs. By creating this sitemap, you will find an easier to crawl site in Google ending up with higher ranks as the result.

4.     Contact Form 7:

All the blogging sites have a separate contact page to it. This page has an online contact form. You don’t have to design or code it as you have Contact Form 7 to offer that help. This is an essential yet simple plugin from WordPress for creating multiple contact forms.

  • You get to add various forms and provide each one a name.
  • If you want, you can address some boxes as “required” through this source.
  • You don’t have to bother learn and use CSS coding for that.

This plugin helps in integrating well into page or post through some short codes. Even the users can easily customize the input based forms and even the drop down menu to any form they like.

5.     Anti-spam:

A free form of WordPress plugin for all bloggers out there is the Anti-Spam. As understood from the name itself, it is used for stopping any regular comments to spam up the tracks. This service takes place without the use of Captcha or asking any kind of questions or trying to annoy readers. They are here to just leave a comment and will be able to do so easily.to some people, Anti-spam might prove to be a bit better than Akismet, but it varies from one person to another.

6.     Simple Trackback Validation:

This plugin is something which comes with Topsy Blocker and it is free of cost. There are mainly two spam types. One is the trackback spam and another one is the regular comment one. This plugin helps in stopping trackback spam by verifying sites, which are otherwise trying to send trackbacks. There are times when you might receive thousands of spam trackback on hourly basis, which used to waste a lot of time. Therefore, the trained and professional workers use this Simple Trackback Validation as a major tool for WordPress Design, to save them the pain.

7.     WooCommerce:

One of the major and revolutionized WordPress blog plugin has to be WooCommerce.it helps in revolutionizing all the ecommerce plugin examples available nowadays. It took some of the difficult aspects of running and creating online store with WordPress, making it possible humanly. Even though it might take some learning, but this tool comes with easy usability options and use some plugins and companies for supporting the plugin.

So, these seven options are suitable for the bloggers, whether they are trying to build their own site or asking for a professional help. It is important to learn about each option in details before jumping into any conclusion.

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7 Essential WordPress Plugin for Every Blogger
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