6 Piece of Tech for Travelers

From bag packing to setting out on the road, traveling has never been any less stressful.

Setting out on a long journey especially to an unknown territory can be very stressful. From missing your favorite TV shows to mama’s delicacies nevertheless, an adventure isn’t boring as well. Meeting new people from different works of life and learning something new is irreplaceable.

A trip can go from bad to worse if you do not have your little tech friends with you. Whether you are going on a vacation, business trip or Holiday you wouldn’t want to miss a bit from your activities especially if you’re business oriented.

You may be forgiven for missing mama’s delicacy but not your demanding customers. Your Email, Message and Notification needs to be given constant attention.

Traveling in this digital age is relatively stress-free all thanks to Technology. With tech you can attend to your email like you never left, keep in touch with friends like you are right there with them. Lastly you can keep track of your luggage all in one piece. All is well under control even when en route.
If you are the adventurous type or love setting out on the road which is cool anyway, you may want to take a look at one of these Gadget during your next trip.

Google map

I totally recommend this for those traveling to a place for the first time, gone are days when you can only travel to where you know. With Google map you can get to wherever you want even without prior knowledge of the place.
I have been to places I knew nothing about with my google map and GPS location switched on. You don’t need to be exceptional in geography before you can read a map, with little knowledge you are good to go. But you need to be cautious on an adventurous journey like that, you need to go in two’s to be on a safer side.

Google map gives you full details about your journey, if you are traveling by air, rail, road or on foot, the duration it will take to cover this distance is stated . if you are traveling by air you obviously don’t need this map compared to someone traveling with a car.

Most people aren’t fully convinced with this map, I had this feeling until I decided to brace myself up and give it a try.

I used this on one of my numerous adventures, I must say it wasn’t planned I just had to turn to google map when I found myself at a dead end. Left with no choice I turned my GPS on and turned to my map within a minute I stormed out and fired my engine to the right direction.

Smart Eye-glass

With a camera and selfie stick coupled with your luggage already giving you more to contend with, the idea of a smart glass may be what has eluded you.
You may want to substitute that bulkiness of a digital camera for slick and portable eye wear. Don’t get this twisted this isn’t like your every day fashion glass, it offers a whole lot more.
With this, you can record videos and take high quality pictures . This piece of tech is useful to travellers especially to those who want to capture every moment without drawing attention to themselves from passerby.

Selfie stick and Camera

I use this a lot on my trips I just can’t help but capture every single moment. From the beautiful landscape to the next hot chic on the bus, with my camera I capture all the laughter and drama. With these two I can say bye bye to boredom but not mama’s delicacy though. These two are my companion on any trip.

Power Converter

I don’t know about you but for me after my camera and selfie stick this is the next on my list, I take this along with me on every trip. Due to my business schedule, missing a call or text message may incur heavy losses.
Anytime my phone battery goes down I quickly connect this to keep it on pending the time we will get to our destination. With a power converter I keep in touch with my family and friends when en route.
When everyone on the bus becomes boring or decide to go for a short nap I quickly turn to my phone, with this I never get bored even for a single moment. Try taking this on your next trip and see how fun is going to be.
You can get one of these on online stores like Jumia and other retail outlets.

Solar powered light

No matter how much preparation you put into your journey, you are bound to arrive to your destination at night one day. I used to contend with this because I believed that if you set out early you are going to get there on time.
This was my thought until I was left crawling to my destination on one of my trip after our bus encountered so many hitches on its way. I had no torch with me, I was stressed out as I walk to my destination in the middle of the night.
After that incidence I always took a torch light with me on every trip and due to power instability in the country I made it a solar-powered one. The sun is always up to charge it even when electricity is not available. Anytime the previous incident happens, all I have to do is turn on my torch light.

PS: Tents not a Digital Device but Will be Usefull for Your Travel Trips ! Tents wiill be the first Priority for any Traveler Wheather It’s 4 Person Tent or 2 Person tent.

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6 Piece of Tech for Travelers
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