3 ways to keep your customers data safe

3 Ways to Keep Your Customers’ Data Safe

If you have a subscription to one of the internet plans such as Cox bundle deals, you probably shop online pretty often. Online shopping is convenient and easy. But is sharing your personal data online safe? Let’s find out.

Today, we live in a world where online shopping is a prevalent trend across the globe. Which means that people are not reluctant to share their personal information online. With the introduction of worldwide shipping by a massive number of brands across the globe, people have become more willing to order online. People take the full advantage of their subscriptions to internet plans like Cox bundle deals, and shop their favorite stuff without the hassle of roaming around from one shop to another. And why not! Who doesn’t like convenience!

On the other hand, it is also a fact that the cyberattacks are real, and usually, small businesses are targeted. The reasons they become the easier and appealing targets, are that they don’t usually have the defense mechanisms. They haven’t allocated a massive budget for their cybersecurity. Also, small business setups don’t have enough resources to combat cyberattacks. Hence the hackers usually get away with it. The big brands are careful about these measures, therefore, the chances for cyberattacks are way less. This doesn’t mean that small business setups cannot survive. If you are an owner of a small business setup, you need to enlighten yourself with the essential knowledge that will help you protect the data of your privileged customers.

You would never want to lose your clientele, based on flawed security. So, make them feel comfortable. Facilitate them with security so that they come back.

Here are three important tips.

  1. Install an Updated and Right Software

You need to have a running and updated anti-virus and malware. You also need to have a proper spyware prevention software in your system. These are going to help you keep your contacts and their credentials safe. Make sure you update the said software programs on regular basis. You need to have products according to the type of business that you own. And if you are spending money to buy a software program in particular, we would again emphasize on keeping it updated.  You need to keep the directories of your customers secure through these programs and this should be enough of motivation to make you use them to their full potential. Also, invest in using a secure network and a dedicated server that is used solely by your business employees. Yes, sharing the server will cost you lesser, but a secure network will greatly decrease the risk of any loopholes into your security system. Your customers’ essential information will not be hacked and this is exactly what your main concern should be.

Also, be sure to back up the data. Keeping a second copy of everything will save your from the massive loss of blocked access by a ‘ransomware’.

  1. Train Your Employees in Best Practices

Never ignore the employees. Surveys show that the most common weak link between breaches in data and customers’ data is the employee. You need to train them well about how security is very important. One of the greatest mistakes that the poorly trained employees make is to leave the computers all up and available for anyone to use. Leaving computers logged in is perhaps the most reckless mistake that an employee can make. Make sure your employees don’t make these massive mistakes. The accounting and billing area should be secured. Scribbling passwords on the desk or a notepad conveniently placed on the desk is another blunder. These mistakes might seem trivial, but, actually they become the reasons of huge losses and massive hacks. You need to be a little more particular about the security of the passwords, important information, billing details, and all the relevant things.

  1. Implement a Proper Disaster Plan

Despite the fact that you have taken all the important and mandatory measures, you still need to be prepared for the worst. That’s what an intelligent businessman would do. Devise a proper strategy of cybersecurity. Train your employees, and have a practice run too. Don’t be afraid of investing in security-related things such as, security camera, software programs, and so on. But then again, if you don’t have a backup plan, you will probably waste all the money. You need to secure and protect your sales in future as well as maintain your clientele through efficient security planning.

If you have a subscription to one of the internet plans such as Cox Internet packages, try to keep a copy of all your customer information in a secure cloud storage service. But remember, keeping your important material on cloud-based storage spaces is a good idea, provided they are secured with strong passwords.

3 Ways to Keep Your Customers’ Data Safe
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